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Websites are constantly evolving with new and updated content, so having FULL knowledge of what’s where (and doing what) is essential. You can’t optimize what you don’t know.

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Sitemap Comparisons

But it’s time-consuming and you’re too busy to continuously be checking up on site advancements. That’s where our new Scheduled Crawls + Visual Comparisons shine.

Just select the site/pages you want to track, and our AI will notify you of any visual changes that occurred between the last crawl.
New price change? You will know.
New Featured Image? You will know.
Did someone add more pages? You will know which ones and where.

SEO Reporting

Our upcoming reporting tools will let you know about all the top critical content changes and needs.

Need Contextual Analytics from Google and SEMrush? We’ll have that integration coming up shortly..

Meanwhile, with our new Team Annotations feature you can easily write your notes and share them with your team and clients.