Crawling Password-Protected Sites

We are super excited to announce our newest feature!

The idea to work on this feature stemmed from learning of a direct need for this after speaking with hundreds of UI/UX designers, directors, marketers, strategists, and product owners. Our engineering team saw this as a great opportunity to continue developing the product to suit the needs of our clients.

Because there is no standard for how log-ins work across different websites, it was rather difficult to develop a solid proof option. However, our developers worked diligently and managed to release version1.0 which will work effectively for the vast majority of websites that require log-ins. We have already begun brainstorming a more sophisticated approach for version2.0, which will solve all of the edge-cases.

We are always looking for feedback, whether it be comments on current features or suggestions for new ones, so please feel free to chat us via the chatbox anytime and we will be happy to help you.

So what can you crawl with this super-power?

✓ Admin & User Dashboards
✓ User-Specific Flows
✓ Staging Sites In-Progress
✓ Internal Intranets

Here’s a demo of Calendy’s User Dashboard

?Take a look at our how-to docs for more details and security notes.


— Artur Maklyarevsky | CEO & Cofounder