Every project requires a technical analysis.Sometimes it may involve just reviewing which current components need to be deprecated, which have UX issues, or which need iterations.

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Sitemap Tool for Web Designers

The quickest way to do this is to visually audit these components in the context of each page and annotate your analysis to share with the team.

On the other hand, sometimes you may need to do a full competitive analysis, and see what other organizations have going on feature-wise.

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Website mapping tool 

Perhaps you are looking to cherry-pick features A,B,C from Competitor A, and features D, E, F from Competitor B to ensure the competitive success of your own upcoming release.

You could make a spreadsheet, but that’s so 1990’s.
Instead, you can visually audit these features and add your comments to specific parts of the screenshots visually with our Annotation feature.

Sitemap Tool for Web Designers
Sitemap Tool for SEO, SEM, and Marketers

Think you’re done?
As you painfully know, design & content may shift while in flight.

Keep an eye on any visual changes by scheduling a recrawl and our AI will compare and notify you of any visual differences it finds.