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Websites are constantly evolving with new and updated content, so having the full knowledge of what’s where (and doing what) is essential. You can’t optimize what you don’t know exists…right?

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Strategy development for SEO, SEM, Content Creators, Product Owners
Sitemap Tool for SEO, SEM, and Marketers

But it’s time-consuming and you’re too busy to continuously be checking up on site advancements. That’s where our new Scheduled Crawls + Visual Comparisons shine.

Just select the site/pages you want to track, and our AI will notify you of any visual changes that occurred between the last crawl.
New price change? You will know.
New Featured Image? You will know.
Did someone add more pages? You will know which ones and where.

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SEO Reporting

Our upcoming reporting tools will let you know about all the top critical content changes and needs.

Need Contextual Analytics from Google and SEMrush? We’ll have that integration coming up shortly..

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Sitemap Tool for Web Designers

Meanwhile, with our new Team Annotations feature you can easily write your notes and share them with your team and clients.

Today using VisualSitemaps as your new ‘Visual SEO/Marketing toolkit’ you are able to:

+ Run a full

  • Website Audit and Discovery
    • Task: Quickly gain an overview of the entire website’s structure and content.
    • Solution: In minutes you can visualize the entire site architecture, making it easier to identify and categorize pages, thus speeding up the initial audit process.
    • Feature: Crawler + 👁Advanced Filters
    • ————————
  • Keep Tabs on Market & Competition
    • Task: To track content and page scope updates on specific sites.
    • Solution: Create scheduled crawls and be notified via emailed of any changes.
    • Feature: 🗓️Scheduled Crawls + 👀 Visual Comparisons
    • ————————
  • Optimizing Site Navigation and Internal Linking
    • Task: Improve the internal linking structure to enhance user experience and SEO.
    • Solution: VisualSitemaps shows the linking relationships between pages, helping you optimize site navigation and link equity distribution.
    • Feature: Crawler Map Structure + 💬Annotations
    • ————————
  • Content Inventory Management
    • Task: Manage and categorize website content efficiently.
    • Solution: By providing screenshots and the hierarchical placement of each page, the platform aids in evaluating content relevance, redundancy, and satisfy compliance.
    • Feature:  🏷️ Custom Tags
    • ————————
  • Page-Level SEO Analysis & Planning + Reporting
    • Task: Perform detailed SEO analysis for individual pages.
    • Solution: With direct visual access to page layouts, you can more readily assess and strategize keyword placement, content quality, and on-page SEO factors.
      Export meta-data as CSV. Full content scraping coming soon!
    • Feature:  ✏️ Content Editor🏷️ Custom Tags + 💬Annotations
    • ————————
  • Redesign and Site Migration Planning
    • Task: Assist in the planning and execution of website redesigns or migrations.
    • Solution: The platform can help visualize the new site structure and simulate changes before they go live, minimizing risks associated with major site updates.
      Feature: 📋Sitemap Editor +✏️ Content Editor
    • ————————
  • Detecting QA Issues during updates
    • Task: Monitor changes in page design, content, and architecture
    • Solution: Regular updates to the visual sitemap allow you to quickly spot and investigate any unexpected changes or updates to the website.
    • Feature: 🗓️Scheduled Crawls + 👀 Visual Comparisons
    • ————————
  • Enhancing User Experience (UX)
    • Task: Analyze and improve the user journey on the website.
    • Solution: The visual layout helps in understanding the user flow and identifying potential roadblocks or areas for UX improvements.
      Feature:  🧠 + Templates
    • ————————
  • Whiteboard Canvas for Strategies
    • Task: Create beautiful Marketing Funnels, User Journeys, Brainstorms and more!
    • Solution: Just launched, our easy-to-use FLOW Canvas and templates.
    • Feature: 🧠
    • ————————
  • Enhance Your Client Proposals
    • Task: Create detailed and understandable SEO/SEM reports for clients.
    • Solution: The visual sitemaps can be shared directly in reports to clearly demonstrate site structure and planned changes, making it easier for clients to understand SEO efforts and strategies. Flows can be embedded as well.
      Feature:📋Sitemap Editor, Reports + 💬Annotations

NEW! VisualFlows:
Create Customer Acquisition Funnels, User Flows, Customer JourneysPersonas, Marketing Funnels, BrainstormsSEO/SEM Strategies, and more via Flows!

VisualFlows - Ecommerce User Flow