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Perhaps one could boldly say that at the dawn of UX the first deliverable ever made was the mild-mannered Sitemap. It was useful then, and it is useful now...maybe more than ever.

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Having a long spreadsheet of links or xml files are no longer very useful to capture the full picture of a digital product, unless you are a robot. Us humans are highly visually cognitive creatures, and need to make sense of things with our eyes.

You need to see the structure in the full context of the content and data in order to precipitate the observations, conclusions, and discoveries you need to innovate on.

Today using VisualSitemaps as your new ‘flashlight’ you are able to:

+ Run a full visual audit from small 50 page corporate sites (in minutes) up to +50,000 pages in just a few hours.

+ Add Annotations on any screenshot and share them with your clients or team members. ( learn more > )

+ See how many of those pages are no longer existing (404).

+ Export the full sitemap as a PDF.

+ Share the full interactive map with anyone and have them add comments.

Future Features on our Roadmap:

Google Analytics

Display Important GA metrics in context to the sitemap

Performance & SEO
Technical Audits

Get a deep pulse on benchmarks and relevant SEO and health stats

Sitemap Redesign

Create an optimized sitemap based on the original.

Drag ‘n drop for easy resculpting and add new sections with ease.

{ launching July/Aug }