Design Directors

Perhaps you have a bold new project initiative that requires you to do a plethora of competitive research both for design & functionality.

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Website crawler

So you start crawling SiteX, and tag their landing page hero animation, or write some notable comments to share with your Lead Designer for consideration.

Next, you crawl SiteY and discover their clever implementation of a complicated concept similar to yours. You tag that too, export as a PDF or CSV, then share a more optimized sitemap you edited with your strategy and dev team for feedback.

Sitemap Tool for Web Designers
Website mapping tool 

Audit as many competitors as you want to find their best UX and strategies, and gain both the micro and macro-level insights across your niche that will give you the edge you need to innovate and compete.

You now have generated a compendium of notes/tags/priorities. Your team gets notified via email or in-app (in real-time) to start the threaded conversations and manage their resolutions.

Sitemap Tool for Web Designers
Sitemap Tool for UI Designers

The team does their ideation sprint and uploads new page design ideas back into the map as well as resculpting the existing map, for your feedback and final approval.