100% Automated.

Need to create a sitemap for a +1000 page website by 5pm for your new client meeting?

Just enter the public URL and grab a coffee!

Export As…

Print your map mega large as a PDF.

CSV. and .Zip of all the screenshots organized by directory. { coming soon }

Share It.

Easily share the map with your team and clients with just one click.

Create different teams for different projects.

Password-Protected Sites

Internal or password protected sites can now easily be safely crawled with your credentials (which are not stored on our servers).

{ private beta – Launching Sep 15! }

Screenshot Comments

Easily annotate any page(s) and get feedback from your team and clients.

Manage the feedback process with screenshot statuses.

{ coming next }

Sitemap Redesign

Create an optimized sitemap based on the original.

Drag ‘n drop for easy resculpting and add new sections with ease.

{ coming soon }

Priceless Cost-Savings

100 pages
10 Hours @ $500
100 pages
10 Minutes @ $29


Absolutely. Even multiple directories at once. More on that here >

Not just yet. We are working on this feature for an upcoming release. Stay tuned!

Not yet. We are working on editing capabilities which will allow you to ‘fork’ a sitemap and create new optimized versions based on the original crawled map. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can use our export as PDF feature with which you can use to import the pdf into Sketch, Figma, or Adobe. View Phase 1 Demo

No…but we do offer credits in case if something goes terribly wrong. So before you choose to upgrade to any paid plans, we strongly encourage you to fully test our service with our limited Free plan and read all the FAQs.

Meet the Team

Artur-Maklyarevsky CEO & CoFounder

Artur Maklyarevsky | CEO & CoFounder
founded Design2Dev, POPteam, JuicyCanvas
NYU ITP ( alumn )

Luciano Panaro - CTO & CoFounder

Luciano Panaro | CTO & CoFounder
former Lead Architect | RING ( $1B Exit to Amazon )